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Testmonials Test

If you order two or more services, you will enjoy special 20% off starting from the second service.

So fast and efficient

So fast and efficient and my blankets are so cozy. Will definitely be using them for now on! 10/10

Radharani Dunne

August 29, 2021

Great service

Great service , excellent driver, will use often.

Gaetano Francelle

July 27, 2021

Great service

Great service, I will use your service again! Timely and efficient!


August 9, 2021

Quick and easy service

Quick and easy service, will use again!
Thank you!

Hayley Kettle

August 21, 2021

Communication and service was great

Communication and service was great. Will be using regularly from now on!

Ryan K

August 24, 2021

Top notch

Nothing is ever a problem and Staff are top notch and always have a pleasant smile!

Wayne Harding

September 1, 2021

Excellent response

Excellent response to order, picked up and returned on time.
Standard of wash – Excellent!


September 15, 2021

Affordable and easy laundry

The service was really amazing. Affordable and easy laundry.


July 10, 2021

What excellent service

What excellent service!! I searched for who offered an affordable service for items bigger than my washing machine could handle and trialed Do My Laundry. Great communication. Picked up from my door and delivered back same day! I’m sending more bedspreads through, can’t recommend enough!

Shar Spicer

July 21, 2021

Everything smells fresh and clean!

Collection on time and with a smile which is unusual these days and drop of on time again with a smile highly recommended, everything smells fresh and clean!


July 26, 2021

Absolutely amazing service

Absolutely amazing service from the team. Quick and fast communication and my blanket has never looked cleaner!! Will definitely use them again!


August 7, 2021

Will definitely come back!

This was the first time we used their service and we were very pleased with their speedy turnaround and quality service! Thanks Leo for his professional service and patience!
Will definitely come back!


July 17, 2021

Great service

Great service. Same day pick up and next day delivery. All blankets smelled fresh amd clean. Affordable price and amazing contact less service even during lockdown. Will definitely use again and recommend them.


September 5, 2021

Very happy with the service

Our blankets were picked up, washed, dried, and returned to us the very next day all fresh and clean!
Very happy with the service, and will make a habit of booking with you. Thanks for providing a great service!


October 1, 2021

Great service and very professional

It was raining yesterday,had some linen and bed sheet need to be done,this guys are amazing saved my life,they return my laundry on the same day! Great service and very professional!



July 6, 2021

Amazing service

Amazing service! Prompt, professional, courteous and the folding is way better than I can do myself. I very highly recommend them for any type of laundry needs! Super quick turnaround time.


July 15, 2021

Highly recommend!

I am thrilled that now I don’t ever have to worry about fitted sheets getting tangled up in my washer or dryer. I tried putting tennis balls or packing it with clean towels inside them but still the results weren’t satisfactory. I would usually have to repeat the drying cycle at least twice when drying fitted sheets which was time and money consuming. The sheets were delivered clean, dry and soft to touch. Highly recommend!

Sarah Kim

July 21, 2021

Superb service

Superb service. Fast, easy and flexible. Couldn’t recommend it more!

Doug Marsh

July 22, 2021

So easy and quick

So easy and quick with such a great result! Definitely going to get my linen washing done this way every week!


August 15, 2021

Keep your service forever!

I am moving to new house soon so I didn’t have enough time to do laundry especially the bedding stuff as bedding laundry take so much time, effort and space! I am so happy with the service and prompt delivery with domylaundry! Please please keep your service forever!


October 2, 2021