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12 Jan
Posted by:  Jasper r

How Our Laundry Services Can Help You Clean Your Towels, Blankets & Duvets Hassle-free?

As professionals in the laundry business, we at, DomyLaundry has the latest technologies to help you with cleaning fabrics and stains in the best way possible. Not only that we provide you with the best and the most affordable services. And it also feels really pleasant to have clean towels, linens and duvets, and all the other clothes. Isn’t it? Let us now take a look at how our laundry services can help you clean all these and more.


How to keep your towels clean by availing our laundry services?

Fresh, fluffy, and clean towels can actually leave your skin feeling a lot cleaner and happier. You should wash your towels every four to five days to keep them clean and fresh. You should wash white towels with hot water and use non-chlorine bleach. We also have an extra rinse at the end of each cycle to wash away all the soap. So, when you drop your towels with us, we will make sure we provide you with the best washing services for them and drop them safely at your place so that you can get on with your job or sleep or whatever task you have at hand.


How to keep your blankets clean by availing our laundry services?

Blankets can be light or bulky at the same time and laundering or washing them can be a task especially when they have stains and delicate fabrics. The water temperature needs to be very specific and softeners are also important while washing the blankets. Thus, when you leave your blankets with us, we make use of the latest technology to remove the toughest stains and get you good smelling and clean blankets that let you have a good night’s sleep.


How to keep your duvets clean by availing our laundry services?

With covid changing our world and its rules, duvets, beds, and bedrooms in all have become a lot more than just entities for a good night’s sleep. We use it for our office times, movie nights, game time with friends, and more. This might result in stains and more and probably requires much more cleaning than it used to earlier. Hence, availing of our professional services to clean them off will let you be at ease with your schedule and help you enjoy your time off.

Wondering what’s special and unique about our laundering services? Well, there are a few points because of which we stand out. We have enlisted them below:


+ We use large washers and dryers. As a result of this we are able to rinse and dry. This ensures that not only is all the soap washed off properly but also dried well leaving no moisture behind.

+ We provide Free pick up and drop off services, right at your doorstep.

+ Whenever you inform us about the stains and help us locate them, we make sure they are pre-treated and cleaned well.

+ We provide washing, drying, folding

+ We take a maximum of 24 hours and ensure that we return you within the stated time period.


If you wish to launder your duvets, comforters or any such bulky stuff you can inform us and we will be glad to provide you these services as well.

With your work schedules being busier than usual or for new parents engrossed in their newborn, or if you have just moved in or probably because you just want some free time, you can opt for our professional laundry services. We also provide commercial and residential laundry services to ensure that you get fresh, clean clothes.

You can also find answers to some frequently asked questions in the section here. What’s more, is that we provide eco-friendly services and ensure that the water from cleaning is drained and treated properly.

If laundering clothes, linen, bedsheet, curtains, or duvets, ensure that you take all the necessary steps or provide it to someone who provides you with these full-proof services. Clean, soft, and fresh fabrics elongate the life of your things as well. Maintenance and cleanliness are the keys because “Cleanliness is next to godliness.”


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