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Customer Reviews

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Exception customer service and communication

Exception customer service and communication. It was my first time using such as service, I will definitely be using do my laundry again in the future. Great price for 2x duvet inners, they were collected & returned in the same day. Thanks guys


October 2, 2021

Outstanding service

Outstanding service and fantastic experience! What a great price for 2 sets of duvet inner and cover. I’m based on the shore and it was collected within an hour of placing the order and returned within 24 hours. Fresh and clean. Though it was contactless, communication was thorough and clear via texts. I will definitely be a returning customer and recommend these guys to my friends and family. Thank you Domylaundry you guys are awesome and thank you Google for putting them on top of my search results!


October 2, 2021

The best in this city

The best in this city. They collected and delivered two big duvets in less than 6 hours. Very professional and the support is great. It was my first time using such service and I am surprised with its quality. I will surely become a customer. Thank you!

Nathalia Ribeiro

September 27, 2021

Try them you won’t be disappointed!

They are fast and efficient. Very accommodating —- I called them late in the afternoon just after my work and I thought they’d tell me to wait till the next day for pick up. Amazingly after 30mins one of their staff came at my house then early morning the next day they’ve deliver it. Truly no hassle on your part plus I was able to avail their 50%off so it was really a blessing on my part. Thank u Leo and the staff of domy laundry. Keep up the good work…

PS: I was very happy with my laundry… Looks new and smells so fresh…
Try them you won’t be disappointed!


September 27, 2021

These guys do an excellent and amazing service

These guys do an excellent and amazing service. Speedy, and the duvets were beautifully clean and fresh. You will always be my first choice. LEN.H.

Alexander Hendry

September 24, 2021

Highly recommend A+++

I had 2x mattress toppers picked up, washed, dried, folded and dropped back to me
Fanatic service and great to deal with
I will definitely use again, and I highly recommend A+++


September 3, 2021

Couldn’t of been happier

Couldn’t of been happier! My inners came back so soft and white! Definitely going to recommend to everyone. So easy and communication was excellent. Never been so excited to make my bed!

Radharani Dunne

August 29, 2021

Prompt pick up

Prompt pick up and courteous and clear communication. Easy to deal with and prompt delivery back to us. Would use again.

Fletcher Melissa

August 26, 2021

Brilliant service

This is a brilliant service. Super efficient, friendly and go out of their way to communicate. And the end product is sparkling clean and perfect. Excellent value for money. Very highly recommend them!!!

Ed E

August 10, 2021

By far the best customer service

By far the best customer service I’ve received in a long time. Very friendly, helpful and kind! Saved me so much stress trying to get to a laundromat and the turn around was prompt and efficient. Highly recommended!

Freyja Knewstubb

August 3, 2021

Exceptional service

Exceptional service and communication. I am so impressed with their professional, slick service. Many thanks domylaundry


July 27, 2021

Exceptional service

Exceptional service rarely experienced in today’s business conditions.

Linda Columbus

July 25, 2021

Thank you for your service

Thank you for your service, the duvets are very clean and dry. One of the duvet was an extra bulky one which I had to hand wash it in the bathtub, hung out to dry for several days, but then it was rained on – so I had to repeat the whole process again until I gave up on it and even thought about throwing it away. I’m so glad that I will never have to worry about washing duvets anymore.

Sarah Kim

July 21, 2021

Very friendly

Very friendly and honest people & service. They try their best to meet my needs.


July 20, 2021

We had such a good experience

We had such a good experience with do my laundry! Quick and efficient and great friendly service would highly recommend:)


July 18, 2021

Excellent service

Excellent service. Great communication and really quick turnaround.
Highly recommend!


October 5, 2021

Excellent response

Excellent response to order, picked up and returned on time.
Standard of wash – Excellent!


September 15, 2021