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04 Feb
Posted by:  Jasper r

Common Laundry Problems With Towels, Blankets & Duvets – How To Fix Them

We all have faced the laundry mishap once in our life for sure. It will happen due to small errors, whether it is our own, production error, equipment issues, or method of laundry. We should be very careful while doing laundry as not every laundry problem has an easy solution, and even some of the problems don’t have any solution. But, thankfully, most of the laundry problems can be corrected anyhow.

We know you must be worried about your new Towels, Blankets, and Duvets. And you search for tips to keep them fresh. In today’s article, We put some common questions about the problems of laundering and let you know how to take the best care of your products.

Before knowing how to fix common laundry problems, let’s first know how frequently we should wash Towels, Blankets & Duvets.

How often should we wash Towels, Blankets, & Duvets?

Proper laundering of Towels, Blankets, and Duvets are required to make sure they enjoy a long lifespan. How frequently we wash them will impact their lifespan, so it is important to know the recommendations. On average, people use them 56 hours a week. Just think how much they have to tackle with salvia, sweat, dead skin, and other grime. We know that it does not sound good, but it forces us not to leave them unwashed.

We need to wash towels after every three uses to keep them fresh. For blankets, we need to wash them every couple of months, and we need to wash Duvets almost twice a year. It is the best way to keep them fresh.

Towels, Blankets, and Duvets have a flat and shrunken appearance.

It is one of the common problems with the Towels, Blankets, and Duvets. Sometimes they come out of the wash and look shrunken and flat.

Generally, it happens when you wash them in the fully overloaded machine, it flattens and crushes the filling and makes them look smaller than the original size.

The solution to prevent this is, we need to keep the machine half loaded then its capacity. It gives the space to fill to move around.

The Towels, Blankets, and Duvets appear flat and shrunken due to chemical damage. If we use chlorine bleach or detergent which is alkaline, it becomes the reason behind that damage as it attacks the protein in the feathers. which also makes them weak and break.

So, we need to be careful that we never use chlorine bleach to wash Blankets, Towels, and Duvets. Instead of that, we should use neutral detergent to keep Blankets, Towels, and Duvets fresh.

Towels, Duvets, and Blankets have a moldy, musty, and stale smell.

When doing laundry, Blankets, Towels, and Duvets did not dry properly. It causes a moldy, musty, or stale smell. Mostly it happens with the natural-filled Duvets, Blankets, and Towels when we leave them damp.

Sometimes after doing the laundering, the natural-filled product looks dry from the outside, but it is not completely dry from inside, and that dampness is the reason for bacteria to grow, mold, and fillings will rot.

It all results in an unpleasant stale smell and damages the product quickly on which you spend lots of money.

Towels, Blankets, and Duvets are getting lumpy.

It is one of the common problems, mostly with a blanket and Duvets. The way they are laundered is the reason behind why they are getting lumpy.

Again, Not having proper drying could clump the filling together and make the product more uncomfortable for use. To prevent this, we need to left more space in the machine for the product to move.

Another trick that we can use is to put small rubber balls into the machine while laundering and drying. It will break the fill and allow fill to spread and move properly in the machine. Also, help them to dry more.

Also, we need to note that don’t dry Blankets, Duvets, and Towels at a very high temperature. It removes their softness.


In short, To avoid these problems we need to ensure that the machine that we use is underloaded and has the optional rubber balls. We also need to follow drying instructions properly to keep the products fresh. Taking proper care of those products can enhance their lifespan.

We DomyLaundry offers laundry services to apartments, students, and corporates. We use all the latest technologies and keep your products safe and fresh. If you face those problems and look for experts to help you out, contact us now. We will keep your product safe from laundry mishaps with our quality services.


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