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21 Nov
Posted by:  Jasper r

An Undeniable Tips of Doing Laundry

Shopping for clothing may feel overwhelming, especially when you want an outfit that flatters your figure. Fortunately, many people are now familiar with how to buy clothing that makes them look their best. However, many people don’t realize how important it is to take care of those clothes over time if you want them to look as good as new.

It is time for those dirty clothes to hit the proverbial hamper again, so before you toss your brokedown, take note of these five laundry mistakes that will cost you in the long run. When it is on to wash day, beware of these five laundry rules and tricks to keep your clothes looking like new and lasting longer.

  1. Buttons and Zippers

Start by unbuttoning any buttons on the clothing items. Next, zip up any zippers that may be on the clothing. Doing this will help prevent the buttons and zippers from getting caught on other clothing items or damaged in the wash.

  1. Wash Inside Out

Put your clothes inside out before washing them. This is especially important with dark denim and prints because this helps the colors stay vibrant. Turn all your clothing inside out to be safe.

  1. Select the Right Detergent

When selecting a detergent, you should consider the type of fabrics you are laundering and the water temperature. For example, if you are washing delicate fabrics in cold water, you will need a different detergent than washing sturdy materials in hot water.

There are three main laundry detergents: liquid, powder, and pods. There are benefits and drawbacks of each detergent.

  • Liquid detergents are the most popular type. They are easy to use and work well with all kinds of materials. However, they can be more expensive than other types of detergents.
  • Powder detergents are less expensive than liquid detergents but can be more challenging. They also don’t work as well with cold water or delicate fabrics.
  • Pods are a newer type of laundry detergent that comes in individual packets. They are effortless to use and work well with all types of fabrics. However, they can be more expensive than other types of detergents.

  1. Use a Fabric Softener

Using a fabric softener is one of the best ways to keep your clothes looking and feeling great. Fabric softeners help to reduce static cling, keeping your clothes from sticking together. They also help to keep your clothes from absorbent, so they stay looking newer for longer. Additionally, fabric softeners can help to eliminate wrinkles and make ironing easier.

If you are washing microfiber towels, any clothing with spandex or nylon, or those who play lots of sports and sweat a lot, avoid using fabric softener when washing. Instead, use white vinegar during your wash cycle to better manage moisture and breathing.

  1. Clean Your Machine

If your clothes come out of the wash dirty or smell bad, it is time to clean your machine. First, check the lint trap and remove any lint or debris. Then, clean the inside of the washer with a damp cloth or sponge. Be sure to reach the machine’s top, bottom, and sides. Finally, run an empty load with hot water and 1 cup of vinegar to remove any lingering dirt or soap build-up.

When you are sorting through your laundry, there are three things to remember. First, hot water will kill more bacteria than cold water, so wash with that heat. Second, the detergent needs time to work deep into the fibers of your clothes; if it doesn’t have time to penetrate, you will find all kinds of odor in the area where you use it. Third, try not to use too much detergent; as a rule of thumb, never add more than 10% of what’s on the back of the bottle or tube.

If you do not have time or feel tired of doing laundry hire a laundry service provider. We at DO MY LAUNDRY are professionals in the laundry business. We always stay updated on the latest technologies, cleaning methods, and ways to deal with stains or fragile materials. We also make sure to follow local and national regulations and environmental safety rules.


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